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Intellectual Property

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Our experience

We help commercialise and defend our clients’ most valuable assets: their brand, their reputation and their intellectual property.

Our Intellectual Property (IP) practice offers an integrated approach to the management, development and protection of technology and intellectual property.

We are proficient in all facets of intellectual property protection and support our clients to commercialise their intellectual property on a national and global stage. We develop effective licensing, research collaboration and defensive strategies to maintain our clients’ competitive edge.

Our team has considerable experience in defending local and international clients’ intellectual property rights from third party infringement, as well as defending against claims of intellectual property infringement. We also work very closely with our clients to develop effective marketing initiatives, including advertising and promotional campaigns, across a variety of media platforms.

We represent iconic Australian and international brands, particularly in the retail fashion industry, as well as clients who are entrepreneurs and institutes at the forefront of new industries.

“The ABL IP team has a broad range of experience, and is able to “think outside the IP box” and to leverage its experience in other practice areas for the benefit of its clients in IP disputes.”

Client quote, Legal 500 Asia Pacific

Our work

Intellectual Property services 

We assist clients to implement effective policies, procedures and contractual arrangements to:

  • identify, register, monitor and defend IP rights
  • control the use of IP through an effective licensing strategy
  • preserve ownership of IP and protect the business against  IP infringement by employees, licensors or third parties 
  • protect trade secrets through confidentiality agreements
  • create technological protection measures and
  • defend domain names against cyber squatters.

Where IP disputes arise, our lawyers focus on resolution with minimal risk to our client’s reputation, productivity or profitability.


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