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Momentum behind Indigenous Voice “near irresistible”

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In an opinion article published in The Australian, senior partner Mark Leibler writes that having been intimately involved in the journey towards constitutional recognition for more than a decade, his antenna tells him that the Australian people are amassing in force behind the Indigenous voice.

Mark notes the growing support expressed by conservative politicians, including the Premiers of NSW and SA, at a series of events organised by NSW senator Andrew Bragg and his publishers to launch the senator’s history of conservative innovation and leadership in Indigenous affairs, Buraadja.

“Perhaps even more telling than the line-up of Liberal influencers at the launches is the fact the foreword to Buraadja was contributed by Scott Morrison,” he says. “While the Prime Minister doesn’t refer specifically to the Indigenous voice or even constitutional recognition in his remarks, it is inconceivable that he would have involved himself in the project if he wasn’t open to the ideas presented in the book.”

Apart from the political groundswell, Mark notes the level of support for a constitutionally validated Indigenous voice from diverse sectors, including corporate Australia, the trade union movement, faith and welfare groups, and educational institutions.

“And that’s just scratching the surface of a level of support that isn’t static – month by month, even day by day, I am hearing or reading new declarations of support and calls on the government to respond. What other cause on our national agenda right now has garnered this voltage of people power? Climate change, perhaps, but I can think of no other.”

To read Mark’s article, click here.

In response to Letters to the Editor published by The Australian after his article, Mark submitted his own letter, click here to read.

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