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The Powerbroker interviews – author and subject open up on ABC Radio

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ABC Melbourne Breakfast presenter Virginia Trioli hosted 'The Powerbroker' author, Michael Gawenda, in her morning “chatroom” on Tuesday and explored why he decided to write a book about senior partner Mark Leibler.

Listeners were given a sense of how, growing up in Melbourne, the author and his subject had very different Jewish identities.

On Tuesday evening, both Michael and Mark joined RN Drive presenter Patricia Karvelas in her evening conversation segment, the Drawing Room. Given Patricia’s keen interest in reconciliation, she was keen to hear more from Mark about the background and motivation behind his close, enduring relationship with Aboriginal leaders, in particular Noel Pearson.

To listen to the ABC Breakfast segment with Michael Gawenda, click here and listen at the 2.04.40 mark.

To listen to the Drawing Room with Michael Gawenda and Mark Leibler, click here.

To read more about 'The Powerbroker', click here.

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