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Elyse Hilton: Taking on the 'boozy, blokey' insolvency club

Restructuring & Insolvency
Elyse Hilton and Leon Zwier AFR 5 10 19
Newly appointed Arnold Bloch Leibler (ABL) partner Elyse Hilton - who started with ABL as a law graduate - says she’s always felt she could “carve out her own niche” at the firm.

In an article featured in today’s Australian Financial Review (AFR), Elyse and practice lead Leon Zwier describe the traditionally “very boozy, very blokey” culture of insolvency and how ABL is working to break it down.

“You want a diverse view of how to problem solve and having greater diversity around the table gives you greater perspective. You want a variety of skills, you want that diversity and you want those different perspectives. And that's what the profession needs,” Leon told AFR reporter Liz Main.

Elyse said she was drawn to insolvency because it was “fast-paced, strategic and fosters a close working relationship with administrators. She told the AFR that she knows many "fabulous women" already working in insolvency but more needs to be done to break through the barrier.

"There's definitely the talent. In my generation, there are a whole lot of women who are interested in that area. I think in time it will change but it's a matter of just getting through the initial boys club and making it a norm that there's a female voice," Elyse said.

To read the full article, which appears on page 3 of today’s AFR, click here

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