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Who holds the cards on workplace jabs?

Employment & Workplace Advisory
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In an article exploring evolving coronavirus workplace policy, ABL workplace partner Bridget Little tells the AFR’s legal editor, Michael Pelly, that while there is greater appetite and acceptance now for working from home, in some industries this isn’t practical in the longer term.

“We are seeing almost constant small-scale COVID outbreaks in various workplaces, including offices, warehouses, retail, restaurants, childcare and schools, even though only vaccinated people are attending those sites,” Bridget said. “This gives rise to a real degree of concern about exposing unvaccinated people to the risks of transmission if they return to the workplace, given they are more vulnerable to serious illness.”

As Michael Pelly puts it, leading workplace lawyers across the country believe that “employers hold all the cards on coronavirus workplace policies, and vaccination hold-outs or those who insist on working from home are on a hiding to nothing.”

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