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Legal uncertainty around mandatory jabs in workplaces

Employment & Workplace Advisory
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Workplace advisory partner Bridget Little features in an AFR article exploring the issue of whether and how employers can influence vaccine take-up rates among employees and other stakeholders.

The AFR’s legal editor, Michael Pelly, writes that leading employment lawyers believe that businesses may not be able to mandate COVID vaccines unless government requirements that cover quarantine and aged care workers are given wider application. He quotes Bridget explaining how the pandemic has exposed the complexity and difficulty of states and territories operating under different rules

“There would be a great deal of benefit to having laws dealing with these issues at the federal level, so that employers with operations across the country have clarity and certainty of what is required,” she said.

Bridget also makes the point that there may be flexibility for businesses to require vaccination where there is interaction with customers.   

“There may be a greater scope for a business to say that they will only provide services to vaccinated individuals, providing that they do not infringe any applicable discrimination, privacy or other laws.”

To read the full article, click here.


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