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International legal publication features Arnold Bloch Leibler’s 70th anniversary

189 21st Aug 23

In a feature article, International’s Australian correspondent, Christopher Niesche, describes the guest list for the firm’s anniversary celebration, including a who’s who of government, politics, corporate Australia and the legal profession as “a testament to its influence and would be the envy of a firm several times its size”.

The article quotes senior partner Mark Leibler explaining the firm’s expertise in advising high-net-worth individuals: “We have, over the years, grown up with them, and I believe we understand them better than any other firm.” Noting that the firm now acts for the children and grandchildren of existing clients, our multigenerational client list is the result, in part, of Arnold Bloch Leibler’s tactical decision to bring in new and younger partners to work with the younger generation. also highlights the firm’s work in representing some of Australia’s largest companies in litigation and important transactions.

Mark believes that client services is what sets Arnold Bloch Leibler apart and, in that context, it is crucial for lawyers to understand their clients. “It’s not just knowing the law. You’ve got to understand the human factor, and we’re very good at that.”

He also explains how the firm’s renowned public interest practice, which has been part of its DNA from the start, has contributed to Arnold Bloch Leibler’s enduring success.

“What I discovered is that it had a huge effect on firstly, the quality of staff we were getting, and also on the quality of clients. The fact that we were doing this other stuff really resonated.” writes that: “Unlike other firms, Arnold Bloch Leibler has not sought to expand as its reputation grew. Its only office outside of Melbourne is in Sydney, and it opened there 20 years ago. The partners concluded that ABL could be an effective national firm, maintain the sort of client base they wanted to have, and look after clients around the country from the two offices.

“That strategy has worked. But the firm still remembers its roots, Leibler said. As much as ABL has grown in stature alongside its clients, he says it would still represent someone just starting out in business.”

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