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Growing as a partner in a turbulent time

Employment & Workplace Advisory
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In a profile article published by Lawyers Weekly, Arnold Bloch Leibler Workplace Advisory partner Bridget discusses juggling the complex needs of clients during the pandemic while caring for her first baby.

Describing how she dealt with constantly changing workplace rules over a series of lockdowns, Bridget told Lawyers Weekly deputy editor Jerome Doraisamy: “I would literally listen to a press conference and be straight on the phone to clients providing advice. I did this during the Melbourne lockdown, whilst looking after my six-month-old son.

“I was able to demonstrate excellence under pressure, resilience, pragmatic innovation and a deep commitment to my clients when they needed me most. I feel that that period was both reflective of my style as a partner and also reinforced it.”

With vague updates on new laws coming through, rushed legislation and inconsistent government directions, Bridget reflected that the learning aspect of the past 12 months “felt a bit like being a junior lawyer again”. “My advice was worth millions to our clients, and I was on the phone or Zoom with them constantly as the laws changed. This often involved revising my interim advice based on a clarification or further change overnight. It was important to back myself, be honest with clients and foster a real sense of working together to manage the exceptional circumstances.”

To read the full article, click here.

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