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ABL hosts ANZ chief Shayne Elliott in Sydney

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Introducing the Chief Executive of ANZ Bank, Sydney Managing Partner Paul Rubenstein said it would be an understatement to say that in the not-quite four years since Shayne Elliott was appointed to the position, the challenge and scrutiny faced by Australian banks and the people who lead them has intensified.

In the engaging conversation that followed, Mr Elliott responded to Paul’s questions across a range of issues of interest to the Arnold Bloch Leibler clients attending the luncheon, including: the global economic environment; the impact of sustained low interest rates; the continued fallout from the Hayne Report; the proliferation of non-bank lenders; and the way technology and AI were transforming banking.

Partner John Mitchell, who offered a vote of thanks to Mr Elliott, said it was a privilege to be in a position to hear directly from a business leader, who has the experience and line of sight on the economy that Shayne Elliot does and, even more so, when they are open to speaking freely and frankly in conversation.


Pictured in image above: Paul Rubenstein, Shayne Elliott and Greg Shand from Barana Group



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