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Annual Progress Report 2022

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Message from the co-chairs

We are delighted to launch Arnold Bloch Leibler’s first Annual Progress Report on the Statement of Commitment.

We are very proud of what the AISN and the firm more broadly have achieved in 2022. Preparing our first Annual Progress Report has provided us with an opportunity to reflect on the priorities the AISN and the firm set in the Statement of Commitment for 2022.

We feel it is important to celebrate together as a firm our achievements over the last year, which most notably include the firm’s ongoing advocacy for the establishment of a constitutionally enshrined advisory First Nations Voice to the federal parliament.

As 2022 is the first operative year of the Statement of Commitment, we have also taken this opportunity to reflect on and identify areas that require further work, improvement and prioritisation next year and in years to come.

We are very pleased to publish our priorities for 2023 as part of this Annual Progress Report, in line with our broader commitment to ensure the Statement of Commitment remains a living document, and to maintain accountability in each priority area.  

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all members of the AISN for your contributions this year. We would also like to thank the partnership of Arnold Bloch Leibler, particularly Mark Leibler, Henry Lanzer, Peter Seidel and Christine Fleer, for their ongoing support of the AISN, as well as the marketing, events and catering teams for their assistance in making the AISN projects happen.

Emma Ffrench-Mullen, Max Griffin, Annie Ward-Ambler and Julia Heyward