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Access ABL: Your burning questions with Craig Evans and Natalie Ryan

240423 ABL Podcast LOWRES AF 039

In the final episode of Access ABL, hosts Craig Evans and Natalie Ryan answer the frequently asked questions about life as a graduate at ABL, offering valuable insights into the firm’s culture and opportunities.

Craig and Natalie discuss a range of topics, starting with how graduates select their practice areas. They share their personal journeys and emphasise the flexibility and support ABL provides for career development.

The hosts discuss the ABL’s non-rotational model for graduates, which provides deeper client relationships and more meaningful work experiences. They explain the differences between Structured Learning Training (SLT) at ABL and Practical Legal Training (PLT), praising the practical, hands-on approach of SLT sessions led by our experienced lawyers. "The SLT sessions are all conducted by the lawyers at ABL, which means that you are actually learning from those who are working directly in those areas"​.

Craig and Natalie address common concerns about work-life balance and managing responsibilities as a junior lawyer. They provide some insightful advice, such as setting boundaries and communicating effectively to ensure a healthy balance between work and personal life. They also dispel the myth that ABL's smaller-sized teams mean more work, explaining how the firm’s collaborative environment ensures support and shared responsibilities. Natalie highlights that "at ABL, you have direct access to partners and senior associates, which accelerates your learning and development"​​.

This episode provides insights into ABL’s supportive culture, with direct anecdotes from our lawyers about working directly with senior partners and the extensive opportunities for professional growth and development. Craig and Natalie highlight ABL's commitment to providing a conducive environment for young lawyers to thrive, emphasising the firm's dedication to high-quality work, client service, and continuous learning.


"You're constantly learning. So you have to be ready, be invigorated by learning in those environments too."

Natalie Ryan

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