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Access ABL: Tax team interview with Shaun Cartoon and Caroline Conan-Davies

Executive Compensation & Employee Share Schemes, Taxation
240423 ABL Podcast LOWRES AF 195

In this episode of Access ABL, hosts Craig Evans and Natalie Ryan sit down with partner Shaun Cartoon and lawyer Caroline Conan-Davies from our market-leading tax team to discuss the complexities and rewarding aspects of tax law.

Shaun shares his unique perspective on the intricacies of tax law. He compares the practice to astronomy, where understanding grows over time as you connect the dots of knowledge. Shaun emphasises that tax law is both challenging and fascinating, with no two days being the same.

Caroline dispels the myth that a background in mathematics is necessary for tax law but highlights the importance of understanding legislation and keeping up with annual budget changes. Caroline appreciates the broad scope of work at ABL, which includes both front-end transactional work and back-end litigation, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

To learn more, listen to the episode below.


"Pretty much everything we're involved in, the answer is not apparent and sometimes there is no answer."

Shaun Cartoon

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