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Access ABL: In Conversation with Senior Partner, Mark Leibler AC, and Managing Partner, Henry Lanzer AM

Mark and Henry

In this episode of Access ABL, hosts Craig Evans and Natalie Ryan sit down with senior partner Mark Leibler AC and managing partner Henry Lanzer AM, offering a rare opportunity to hear insights from two of Australia’s preeminent legal professionals.

Mark discusses his passion for the law and his dedication to helping clients navigate complex and often life-changing legal challenges. “You're not only dealing with what the law appears to say in the books, in the statutes and in the cases, but you're dealing with human beings.”

He emphasises the importance of integrity, trust, and a strong service ethic in building lasting client relationships. Mark also shares his commitment to Indigenous rights and reconciliation, reflecting on the firm’s longstanding support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Henry, managing partner since 1999, provides his perspective on the firm's enduring success and the importance of maintaining a professional approach to legal practice. He highlights the significance of empowering junior lawyers to build client relationships and the value of collaboration within the firm. Henry also discusses the firm's advocacy work with regulators and its ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“You have got to have the confidence in your colleagues, in your partners, in your lawyers. Mark had a confidence in me. From what I understand, he tells me and others, the late Arnold Bloch had confidence in him and it's a standard and example that has been set from the very early days.”

This episode explores the core values that have shaped Arnold Bloch Leibler's culture and success over the past 70 years. It provides valuable insights into the firm's approach to client service, professional development, and community engagement.


"If you do that with the utmost integrity, authenticity and with an unrelenting aspiration to excellence... the rest takes care of itself."

Mark Leibler AC

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